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Building material classifications according to DIN EN 13501-1

Requirements from construction supervision

German standard European classification  
Building material classification according to DIN 4102

Additional requirements:

No smoke

European classification according to DIN EN 13501-1
Building products, except linear tube insulation material
Non flammable



A2 – s1,d0 
Low flammabilityB1XB – s1,d0; C – s1,d0 
A2 – s2,d0; A2 – s3,d0; B – s2,d0; B – s3,d0; C – s2,d0; C – s3,d0 
X  A2 – s1,d1; A2 – s1,d2; B – s1,d1; B – s1,d2; C – s1,d1; C – s1,d2 
A2 – s3,d2; B – s3,d2; C – s3,d2 
Normal flammabilityB2    D – s1,d0; D – s2,d0; D – s3,d0; E 
D – s1,d1; D – s2,d1; D – s3,d1; D – s1,d2; D – s2,d2; D – s3,d2; E – d2 
Easily inflammableB3  
Derivation of the short cutsCriterionRange of application
S (Smoke) Smoke emissionRequirements on the smoke emission
D (Droplets  Dripping of burning partsRequirements on the burning parts which drip off